You are an official retailer and trade professionally? Then you are very welcome to rent one or more of our Solebooths for 250 EUR net. If the Solebooth isn’t fancy enough for you, just bring your own Booth-Setup. It should not exceed 16m2 or you will be charged extra. Please let us know in advance and bring all your own Deco, Displays and infrastructure! Booth setup and assembly may start Sunday morning from 07am. Please bother us with all your questions

250 EUR net per 16 qm space


After we have received all applications we will review them and send out a confirmation or cancellation by email. Applications can be rejected without stating a reason. With your successful registration we will send you  a corresponding invoice by mail. The Booking  is complete with incoming payment of the booking fee. With payment you comply with our general conditions that are attached to the invoice.


The booking fee is due not later than 7 days before the event. If the amount has not been paid by then we reserve our right to give away the booth space. A cancellation of the booking up to 7 days before the event is at no charge. If there is no cancellation existent at that point in time, the complete booking fee will be due.

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Person of contact: Stephan Heim