Six Quick Questions with Kiwan


Introduce yourself. Who are you, what do you do and where are you from?
Hi I am Kiwan Leung owner of Approved Sneakers from the Netherlands. I am a Jordan collector since the early 90ies and I sell/buy/trade rare and exclusive sneakers, primarily Jordans and Air Max for 8 years.3 years ago I decided to start my own brand, Approved Sneakers, with its own onlineshop. Besides selling/buying/trading sneakers, I have organized 3 Sneaker events since 2014 and am currently working on some Sneakers & Fashion related concepts for the future.

What do you enjoy about sneaker events?
The interaction with the people. They come for one reason – the passion for sneakers! Put me in a room with another sneakerhead and we’ll talk for days. I believe that events are the best way to link up, socialize, discuss and share the passion with other heads.

Is there a shoe that you wouldn’t sell, ever?
Well there a few gems I find hard to part with. My Jordan 1 bred collection is the best example. The shoe thah started it all and just re- released in September. I have the 1994, 2001 and 2013 versions and am now owner of the 2016 Banned. Those I won’t let go. Still missing the OG 1985 Jordan 1 Bred, REAL banned pair…so anybody who has this in US9/9.5/10 let me know.

What’s special about Solemart?
Solemart is a unique event with its own signature. They always try to approach the market somewhat different than the ‘normal’ event. Last event near Checkpoint Charly was very nice because it was half indoor and half outdoor. I’m Very curious how next edition will be like.

What was the coolest thing that happened at a Solemart event?
Last time, I posted a pic of my setup and a German friend who couldn’t come saw a jacket he wanted; he had a size L and needed an XL. Mine was of course XL. So I gave, his friend who was at Solemart, the jacket and he sent his size L to my home. That’s how fellow sneakerheads deal amongst each other!